Course Overview

Echo Music Studio classes bring children and families together through folk songs, rhymes, movement and expression, and free play with percussion instruments. These activities engage you and your child in the following:

*Cultivate imagination through songs and movement
*Enhance social interaction between parent and classmates
*Motivate children and parents to move, sing, and listen to all types of music
*Fun for children and adults together!
*Focused time together, one-on-one, with your child

Through the practice of our activities, children are given the opportunity to love music. In a fun environment, they are also developing sensory awareness, language, motor, social and creative skills while developing a wide repertoire of musical awareness. Word sheets and practicing opportunities are provided to parents at home during the week and in between enrollment periods to continue reinforcing what you learned in class together.

As we see the shift away from large nuclear families, where multiple generations lived within the same home or within the same town; to families that are spread out between cities, states and even countries- we often have less help at home, but also less traditional customs to share between generations. Although we are proudly creating our own traditions, musically, this means we may not remember or have the time to share as many songs and stories as we grew up with to share with our children.

Through the collection of songs and rhymes through several decades, Dr. John Feierabend created the "First Steps in Music" curriculum for infant to preschool students to reflect holistic musical learning opportunities as they correlate to the rapid neurological development in children under seven. 

Classes are intended to be age specific, and parent assisted for maximum benefit. 

This curriculum provides a series of activities that allow students to explore and define their motor, aural, speaking, social, and musical skills for a more holistic learning experience, creating a lifelong learner (and parent). Classes focus on participation rather than performance; aiming to create “tuneful, beatful, artful” learners everywhere! 

Playdates: This year we have added Monthly Playdates to our 5 and 10 week offerings. These are voluntary additions for families that are looking for a little something extra to do with their friends from music class! We pride ourselves on creating small, intentional classes that bring together not just students but parents who can connect and feel safe sharing together and learning together. Our Playdates will not necessarily be music related, we will enjoy the outdoors when we can rely on the weather to be nice, explore what the city has to offer- especially free opportunities, and meet on various days and times to meet all scheduling needs. We will connect more about these playdates during our classes, but check out what we already have scheduled on our calendar - and feel free to provide suggestions! 

Our instrument packs were thoughtfully chosen to represent our classes and our customers. The items in these packs are true instruments, with real sounds for children to associate with auditory learning. During our 5 year program you will only need two packs to make your journey complete, they are intended to last you through many years, as MOST, if not all of these instruments are also represented in elementary music classrooms! Included in the packs will be a tote bag various instruments, movement items, manipulatives, and a CD of songs along with song packets for students to come to class with and take home for practice!


Katie Petrucci is a native Kansas Citian, growing up in Lee's Summit and currently living in Midtown. She is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music at UMKC with a degree in Choral Music Education. She then went on to teach for several years in the Kansas City Kansas School District teaching Elementary Music at both Douglass and Francis Willard Elementary Schools at which point she met Dr. John Feierabend and became significantly influenced by his practices and research in the "First Steps in Music" curriculum. Although she loved teaching in schools, she felt there was more to be done for developing minds in early childhood prior to their formal educational experiences. Having grown up and worked with young children all of her life, this seemed to be a natural progression in her professional career. She hopes to influence as many young lives as possible by simply allowing them to enjoy music in their later lives alongside the memories that it can provide a family.

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