Absolutely! As long as there is space in your preferred class, simply let us know if you would like to enroll in our 5 week session or 10 week session and will your tuition will simply be pro-rated if you start after a session begins. 

Yes, many of our activities center around the experience of parent-child bonding,

the teacher helps to facilitate the learning experience between both parent and child so that they can 

continue to practice at home. As students get older they will show more independence, but seeing these activities in class also allows you to facilitate them at home during the week. 

All students in a 5 or 10 week class must be enrolled, any additional child can be enrolled using the multi-child discount (additional children under 6 months are Free!) 

**Please be sure to note in your enrollment that you are enrolling more than one child so that space is saved.

Our classes are lucky to be offered within community centers and businesses within the metro, keeping that in mind we tried to meet the demand of the community, but also the needs of our spaces. If you do not see a class for your age group at your preferred location or time, try checking our other locations and ever expanding schedule. 

(That being said, we are always looking to make improvements for our next enrollment period and look for community feedback in order to make those decisions- please let us know what is necessary to meet the needs of families so that we can better provide musical opportunities for young learners!) 

Our program is designed to show growth and development over a 10 week semester, however we understand not everyone's schedule works like that works like that. 
We offer a 5 week option as well as drop-in classes as an option for those who can only visit once or twice.

*If you miss an enrollment deadline you may join us at any time and we will simply prorate your payments for the amount of time you would like to enroll! 


Registration is secured with a one time payment. Unfortunately our system requires a separate invoice for those who need to purchase an instrument pack- therefore you will be sent your invoice if you are a new student for 5 or 10 weeks, our enrollment system is working on this- it's coming soon! In the meantime this will be a separate purchase, but still quick and easy! 


We try to accommodate all needs in terms of payment, so please reach out should you need assistance. 

You may secure your seat using our Enroll Page

 We just ask that you: Check out our schedule online and have a preferred course in mind

 ***Please keep in mind that our UMKC & Shawnee Indian Mission locations handle registration for us- times are available for viewing on our site along with direct links to their websites on our locations tab***

We ask that EVERY student purchase our Echo Music Studio Instrument Package regardless of their age as it has instruments that we use from our very first class at age 0 to our very last at age 5. We hand picked our instruments based on what we felt reflects our customers desires, what reflects true instrument in feel, shape, and sound. Your pack comes in a custom canvas tote included with several instruments we use in class on a daily basis that go on to be reflected in the elementary music classroom.

After a student passes age 3 we begin to focus on more refined sounds and vocal development, at that point we expand their instrument package for 1 additional fee. Rather than requiring several packages for each class you may be involved in (as other programs feature) we chose to limit our options to just two consistent packages over 5 years. Your student will have spent years with these instruments, and will then later be able to naturally incorporate them into their improvisation and accompaniment skills in the music classroom when they move on to elementary school- keeping our packages simple and true to form is by design!

Each class will include lessons, CD's and up-to-date information based on the the class they have enrolled in.

That's okay, we can provide make up opportunities based on when our other classes are available. Simply submit a form letting us know your name and date you missed class and when you would like to try to and make up a class. We will try and get you into another class that has availability. This may or may not be the same age group as yours, but they often follow similar formats. 

*Refunds are issued on a case by case basis

We recommend choosing the outlined age groups listed in our "Classes Offered" section, as they are built to be developmentally appropriate for their age group.However we also understand birthday's can fall right around deadlines, and every child's learning style is different and that you know them best. If you find that the class your child is enrolled in, or set to be enrolled in may not be the most appropriate setting please let us know and we will find the best environment for them together. 

We use a curricum that is formatted across an entire school year, so as your child grows and moves through new experiences they will also have opportunities to re-enroll (In January & April) in progressing age groups and content that moves through their curriculum. 

Although we prefer students to be enrolled in their own age group, we totally understand that life happens. Give us a call and let us know in advance and we'll give you a seat for both kiddos, as long as no one is disruptive to the learning environment we don't have a problem with an extra body in class- we however, cannot make a habit of it because of simple space issues. 

If you would like to enroll two students in one class consistenty check out our multi-family option.  

Yes! Our small business is built on word of mouth! If you join us for class and a friend enrolls in a 5 or 10 week session, your first referral earns you an automatic 10% back on your next enrollment! If you add up to 5 friends your next enrollment will be free! 

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